Kevin's Statement

Kevin Liverpool

owner of Alibi Salon, has tremendous passion for his work with hair. Kevin started his hairstyling career several years ago after graduating from SONO Academy in Norwalk, CT. 

Kevin began his work life in the world of banking and discovered he had a keen interest in finance. Although the work was gratifying and interesting it didn’t fulfill his need to interact with people on a more human level. 

So, from there he decided to become a massage therapist. He’s been licensed in the state of NY for more than 15 years and has built up a serious list of regular clients. 

As successful as Kevin has been in his life, it was a little known desire to work with hair that propelled him into his next line of work. That of hairstylist and colorist extraordinaire. 

Kevin loves working with his clients. He listens closely to them and gives them the kind of cut and  color any woman or man can feel great about.